Nearis Hawkwinter

Half Elf Paladin


Ability Scores

  • Strength: 18 (4)
  • Dexterity: 11 (+0)
  • Constitution: 15 (+2)
  • Intelligence: 9 (-1)
  • Wisdom: 8 (-1)
  • Charisma: 16 (+3)

Saving Throws

  • Wisdom +1
  • Charisma +2

Personality Traits

My eloquent flattery makes everyone talk to feel like the most wonderful and important person in the world.


Independence. I must prove that I can handle myself without the coddling of my family.(Chaotic)


My loyalty to my sovereign is unwavering.


I too often hear veiled insults and threats in ever word addressed to me and I’m quick to anger.

Magic items

Amulet that churns, boils or freezes


Chapter 1: The Training Grounds

Nearis Hawkwinter lived in a little outskirt village where new soldiers were trained. It was a small village with nothing special. Other than the boys (and sometimes girls) training with any kind of arm possible. Nearis Lived here as well. He didn’t, however, sleep with the other boys in the general sleeping rooms. No, he was a Hawkwinter. One of the noble families of Waterdeep. This is where they train soldiers and warriors.
Nearis never really belonged there though. He always felt like an outsider, even though the mansion he lived in was the one that was ruling over this little village. This, however, had nothing to do with the fact that he was of noble birth. See… Nearis Hawkwinter was a half elf. His mother, Keywynn Gilfiel, A beautiful slender elven woman and his father, Karven Hawkwinter met on one of his father’s adventures to the woods of Neverwinter. They met, fell in love and got married. By their love, Young Nearis was born. A half elf who has grown with their looks. With the cheekbone structure and beautiful blue eyes of his mother and the long dark hair and strong build of his father. He had traits of both his parents, but also the attitudes. He was good with weapons of any kind, strong as an ox, just like his father. This, without doubt, made him proud of his son. He had the softer side of his mother. He was a gentle boy that always wished to help. He was always there for anyone.

Through the ages, he started hearing veiled insults in words directed towards him and became quick to anger. This made him look more like his father, but he kept those kind and gentle traits. Nearis was also the adventuring type. Often they would wander into the forests nearby, or follow the river that flowed behind the mansion, together with his Sisters and brothers.

The half elves were all different in nature. “Little” Lady Fhasys. Though she was called the “little” lady, she was older than Nearis. Not only older, unlike her little brother, she was smart. She knew every plant, every tree and every animal in the surroundings as well as these of the world. She was the pride and jewel of her mother. The younger sister, Krisrath, who had a silver tongue. Was able to play with peoples mind. She was cunning and had a keen eye for diplomacy. She was still older than Nearis. She was a worthy diplomat for the house Hawkwinter.
Nearis, together with his brother, were trained to lead people and fight. His brother Xavice had the same traits as Nearis. They both loved to adventure and fight. His brother was only 3 years older than him.

Nearis now stands in front of a squire. Both of them had weapons in their right hand and a sword in their left. Much to the dislike of his mother, Nearis loved training. Though, this was no training. The squire had insulted him. It did not stay with insults alone and they soon started to brawl. Stopped by the senior soldiers/guardians, they had to sort it out in a battle. First of all, this was a battle of pride. Second, the seniors, as well as Nearis’ father, saw this as a good training opportunity for the two 11 year old boys.
After clashing swords for half an hour, they both fell down with excruciating pain in their left arms. Neither of them had won. They were the best of their age, as was their pride and conviction equal in battle. He loved fights like these. He had seen many, but never actually was in real combat before. It gave him the thrill and the excitement he longed for. Much to the disliking of his mother, but with a proud look of his father.

Besides the training grounds for weapons and soldiery, Nearis was also educated within the mansion itself. They hired scholars to teach him about the world. He wasn’t much fond of the books he had to read. These did not capture his attention. He was not so interested in teachings of the mind. This was more for Khelben. The young wizard of house Thunderstaff that joined him on his adventures through the forests and the walks around the water.
Khelben was a peculiar boy. He was smart. Very smart, that was for sure. Yet, he found no interest in following his father and brother. Ever since Khelben and Nearis met on that day where their parents met for diplomacy, trade and requests, they became very close friends. Nearis thought Khelben how to play cards. The type they played in the barracks. While Khelben showed some of his magic tricks.
They didn’t mind the difference they had, they knew they found someone they can rely on when needed.

Chapter 2: The haunting skirmishes

As the nights grew longer in the winter, so did the skirmishes. These skirmishes were not with Goblins, trolls or orcs. These were with beasts. Beasts more vicious than men. They looked humanoid, but their face was that of an abomination. These happened regularly, they provided good practice for the seniors according to the trainers. But they started to become rougher and more and more came from the depths of the woods.

One morning, one of the soldiers was found ice cold. His eyes open, his right hand on his throat. His left arm up in the air, as if he was trying to grasp something. A small dagger next to his head, but there was no blood on it. As a matter of fact, there was no blood anywhere. Karven requested priests to examine the body. He had clearly struggled against something, the question was… what was it? The part of the barracks where he slept was off limits when the priests kept examining body, but all they could tell was that his soul was taken from his body. Nothing more than that. They didn’t have an idea of what did this, but if it had one of their trainees, it could have more any night. Priests stayed with seniors to guard the trainees. Most of them didn’t sleep the first nights, but nothing happened. But as the time passes, they eventually felt asleep. Not Nearis and his brother, No. They were curious. Curious of what had gotten into the barracks without anyone noticing, and what killed the trainee.
They both decided to sneak in the room where the incident happened. That day was a rough day. They had to train hard with their father and they were physically drained. But their curiosity got the best of them. They mustered up what little strength and courage they had and sneaked through the ports of the barrack and headed to the room. The room was as they always knew it. It was large, with a lot of beds with a chest in front of them.
But something was off…something weird, something they ‘felt’. It gave them both a chill. The air was cold. Colder than outside. With each breath they took a damp of warm air from their mouth dispersed in the air. This was unusual. It was going towards winter, but it was not as cold for this to happen.
Nearis walked over to the bed of the trainee and investigated it. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. The dagger was there as well. The moment he wanted to touch the dagger he heard a screech. A screech so powerful it just froze him with fear. His brother close to him was also frozen.
Their eyes were filled with fear… and death. Out of nowhere, 2 banshees appeared out of nowhere. As they readied themselves to feast upon these 2 younglings, the senior guards rushed in with the priests. The priests cast an immediate beam of protection. Clutching their holy symbol, they radiated a light. The light felt warm on the two as they returned to their senses. Their body became warm again and their eyes shined with their youthful spirit again. The banshees screeched in agony and before being evaporated by the light, disappeared from plain sight. By that time Karven had arrived as well. Dragging the two boys back to their room, first interrogating, then punishing the two. It was obvious for the priests and their father. They were part of the skirmishes that got stronger.

Chapter 3: the unfaithful blight

Few months later, more and more of these ghostly creatures appeared. There were more priests in the village as well. A lot of villagers have already been evacuated by the help of house Hawkwinter to a safer location within the city. They were forced to buy their requirements from the city, or deliver them by carriage to the village. The soldiers had to work for their food, even hunt for the meat they needed. Some of them fished right behind the mansion. This was all caused by the skirmishes that became stronger each day. Casualties were happening daily, the priests were luckily healing most of them, but they had to rest. They had to save their strength for the nights. This was where the village was most scared of. A few more casualties happened like the first trainee. Who they had burned out of caution.
Everyone felt uneasy this night though. The sky was lit by a scarlet moon peeking through thick, dark clouds. It had an ominous feeling. It did not take long in the night, or they heard rumbling and screeches coming from the forest. The guards standing guard on the side of the forest were seniors. They have battled orcs and giants with the commanders and trainers, but they have never faced an ill-omened enemy like this. They both had the holy symbol of Helm around their neck. This was the favored deity of the Hawkwinters and the deity that the priests worshipped. They were clutching it ever since the screeches started, praying for protection from the deity of guardianship. They both looked into the forest, intensifying their prayers as they started to see eyes. First there were only 2, then 4, then 12… before they knew it a few hundred or more appeared in the dark. They did not move. The guards looked terrified by this time. They reached to sound the alarm, but before they could, they froze in their place. This time, a man, followed by 3 other humanoid
forms walked towards them. There was a green flow that came out of the guards, and they fell lump on the floor. The humanoid form waved with his hand. The signal to attack. All of the foul creatures hiding jumped out of the forest and started rushing towards the village. It did not take long before the alarms were signed. Everyone got ready for battle. Though most of them were ready because of the fear they had, they still had to prepare for the sudden attack. As the trainees and soldiers got ready to help the priests to fend them off, two of the humanoids walked towards the mansion.
Unaffected by the priests light. This shocked and scared the priests. Instead of screeching with agony, or being pushed back like all the other creatures, these four walked with a big grin through them.
Slaying a few priests as they made their way towards the mansion. There was an all-out battle going on by this time between the trainees, soldiers and villagers against these demons from hell.

Karven and his family had woken up as well. The boys were already holding a sword, ready to fend off anything that got to their family. As Karven told his family to run, the two humanoids were already walking within the house. They were looking for something, slaying anyone that they encountered. As Nearis lead his family towards the hidden passage tunnel to get them to safety, they were attacked by a few creatures. This was the first time that Nearis had seen one up close. It was as they described. There were no lies to the stories told in the barracks. The beasts looked like human. Looked, but were no more. The life had long left their eyes, these were walking puppets. Undead.
Some of them had flesh that was already decomposed, while other had pieces of bone missing or sticking out.
Karven was already outside, battling with everyone. He gave moral whenever they were rallying. They were few in number and the two humanoids that stood outside slayed the priests slowly, but surely. Karven rushed to a priest’s help, slashing at this ‘thing’. It was uncertain what they were. They were not decomposing, nor had the life left their eyes. These were humans, but no ordinary humans. Warlocks. He didn’t have time to think though. He had to slay them as quick as he could. As he rushed towards the priest, he was knocked of balance by a staggering soldier. The warlock had already turned towards Karven. Karven knew what was happening. He had seen a lot of things on his travels and his adventures. He knew by the motions that an incantation was going to follow. He did not know what he was cast, but he held his ground before stumbling to the ground, ignoring the fallen soldier next to him. Mustering all his strength to his feet and dashing towards the warlock with
his 2-handed great sword. As he reached the warlock, the warlock muttered a few words, before blood came spilling out of his mouth. Karven’s great sword had pierced through the chest of the warlock. Except, the warlock was grinning. Karven was shocked. He didn’t understand why the warlock was grinning and why he did not stagger by the blow. It became very clear, very soon. He felt a sudden magical energy on his chest. The warlock had finished the incantation and soon a very green magical flow came from Karven’s chest. This was the same magical flow that felled the 2 guards at the forest entrance. Karven staggered, starting to feel his life being sucked away. He gathered all the strength he had, grabbed his sword and tried to throw the warlock away. But it was naught. The life energy kept leaving his body. Before he knew, he was on his knees. Heavily breathing, gasping for air, as the flow kept coming out of his body. The warlock that was tapping his life energy, slowly walked over to Karven while pulling his great sword out of his chest. Just now Karven can see that the warlock was healing himself with the life energy he was tapping. But he did not have the strength to fight back. The warlock asked Karven where ‘it’ was. But Karven had no idea what he was talking about. Even if he did, he wouldn’t have muttered a single word. Maybe tried spitting. But even that was too much. He waited. Patiently. For his life to be taken away by this…this beast, this creature from the depths. As the warlock walked closer, Karven gathered all his strength into one final assault on the warlock with his dagger. The dagger stopped right in front of the head of the warlock as Karven’s body crumbled to the ground. The life leaving his eyes and body as he breathed one last time. The flow stopped from his body. And the second warlock that was outside, wiping a sword and stabbing the body a few times for his pleasure.
Nearis, together with his brother were leading his family towards the tunnels. Fighting whatever they encountered. They reached the second floors corridor and as they made their way through the hallway, they were stopped by the man and another warlock. Nearis got a clear view of the man. He was a tall, slender half elf with thick black eyes and hair. His hair was short, but long enough to cover his eyes. He had a grin on his face, which showed his teeth. They were all yellow for the ones he had left. All of them were rotten. His assistant warlock was an elf. A drow elf judging by her skin and appearance. She had the same thick black eyes as the man. Her hair was crimson red with pieces of black shades in it. She had a black tattoo on her chest, which was clearly visible. Unlike him, her teeth were clear and clean. As Nearis and Xavice yelled for their mother and siblings to run, the 2 walked over them. The remainder of the Hawkwinter family ran for their lives. Rushing in a room with a
balcony on the back side of the mansion, Nearis and his brother prepared for a fight. Even though still only 13 years old, he was showing courage and conviction beyond measures. Before they could react, the female elf motioned with her hand and she disappeared. It was not long before they heard Fhasys scream with a big shout of their mother. Xavice motioned to Nearis to check it out as he will stand against the man himself. Nearis understood what his brother meant to say. He had to save his mother and sisters. Even at the cost of his own life. He so hoped his father was there, not knowing that his father has already passed away.

Once he got in the room, he could hear his brother yell an all-out attack on the man. But he had to focus. He had to save his mother and sisters. He rushed into the room and it became clear what had happened. The once beautiful and smart half elf, his beloved sister, was dead on the floor. She was drenched in her own blood. His mother and sister were tucked against the huge window that lead to the balcony. Scared and trembling with fear, they were frozen.
Already mourning the loss of Fhasys. Nearis rushed with such anger in his body that he had no control over his senses. Crying, yelling and grieving at the same time. Failing to protect his family. But he could still amend for it he thought. He had to save his mother and sister! Soon his brother will join him after defeating the man. Or so he thought. The elf had no problem dodging any of the attacks Nearis made. They were wide and easy to read. He did manage to get in front of his mother and sister. Slowly, the elf walked over to Nearis. As he backed up, so did his mother and sister, until they could not back up no more. Nearis swung his sword at the elf, but the elf merely played with him.

“Famoira” Nearis heared from the corridor. The man called for her. “Yes, Trystar”. Was the response. He soon would know that he would never forget these names. The man walked in the room. Dragging the body of his brother behind him. He threw him on the floor next to Fhasys. This sight angered him more and as he was preparing to rush towards the two, he was slapped by the elf. The elf picked up his word and dashed to attack and Kill Nearis. Nearis, scared and with closed eyes, only regrets ever opening them. The sight of his mother pierced right in front of his eyes was too much to bear. He as well crawled against the balcony side. The two were kicked down without remorse or pity. The mansion was high. The fall would have definitely killed them. Except that Nearis landed in the river behind the mansion. This was the last time he had seen his sisters, his mother and father and his brother. As he fell unconscious in the water, the entire village was slaughtered and devoured by the undead. The mansion was wrecked and partially destroyed by a fire, the village was a pile of rubble with dead bodies everywhere.

Nearis Hawkwinter

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